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Handcrafted and limited sleds - made in Switzerland for OWNERSEGG® only !

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€ 1.899,00 EUR

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Handmade for Ownersegg® customers only !

Our VRåK racing/sports slede is manufactured by a very exclusive ski and sled manufacturer in Switzerland especially on our behalf in a limited and sustainable production.

Drawing on many years of experience in the very valuable ski production, the VRåK is  developed and built there in an innovative process and elaborate manual work.

The natural reindeer skin makes the fast and light sports sled extremely comfortable and offers recreational to begginers maximum riding pleasure in all snow conditions thanks to the wide plasticrunners.

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From beginners to experts – driving pleasure and safety are the focus of the VRåK.

The runners made of wear-resistant skisurfaces significantly improve the sliding properties of the sled. This leads to higher speeds, especially in flat passages – driving more, walking less. The toboggan is designed as a single-seater for safety reasons. This makes it agile and easy and precise to steer.

The control method is also unique: a mixture of traditional "Davos" and mobile tobogganing. The seat is ergonomically and comfortably positioned for the driver and absorbs impacts from bumps.

VRåK is 100% Swiss made.

The construction with pressed instead of bent wood originally comes from skiproduction. The ramen consists of glued dark teak and Swiss beech by Aargauer wood experts. In addition to the sturdy wood, all connecting parts  are used exclusively from high-quality metals. Milling and painting work, as well as the entire final assembly, are taken over by a small company with a social integration orientation nearby ARRAU.

With a length of just over one meter, the VRåK weighs  just 7 kilograms. To save space, several slides can belined up or stacked on top of each other;  ideal for the whole family when traveling or during summer storage.

Individual sledges made of natural and wood

The new VRåK sledges are absolutely rare unique due to their seats made of real reindeer fair.  The skins come from the Scandinavian hunt. The animals are shot there by local hunters, whereby the sustainable regulation of wild populations is in the foreground and each animal is fully utilized. One animal skin is processed per sled seat.

Each sledge is unique due to the pattern of the coat. Thus, the delivered carriage will differ significantly from the pictures in color and pattern.

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