About Valhalla

Led by the Valkyries, this is most exclusive Lodge inside the metaverse of Ownersegg®


About Lodge Valhalla

This privileged Lodge is accessible for a strictly limited number of members of up to 100 existing Koenigsegg® car-owners by approved applications and/or invitations only.
It is essential for the application/invitation that the new member is still in a unrestricted ownership or purchase contract of a Koenigsegg®- car.

Being a chosen one, you will be awarded with 1 of 100 Norse god Avatars

This Avatar will stay with the account until the membership in VALHALLA ends. It is planned, that in future and after the early-adopter-period your VALHALLA-Avatar will be specially designed in coordination between you and our team without any extra costs. It will be then incl. in your annual membership fee.

norse GODS Avatars

Junior Mates
Your direct Family members can apply to become Junior Mates in VALHALLA, with access but no voting rights.


Valhalla Deals

As being an Early-Adopter you can join the VALHALLA lodge for a discounted price due to the effect, that we can't supply all our visions right from the start. We are doing our utmost to provide the complete planed service within the shortest possible time.

VALHALLA-Member-Early-Adopter with a fee of € 10.000 (only during the Early-Adopters-Period and without any token).

Later, the normal annual membership fee will then be € 25.000 incl. unlimited entrance to VALHALLA with individual VALHALLA -Avatar (for each Koenigsegg®-car they own), and social exchange between all members of the LOKI-, MIDGARD- and VALHALLA -lodge, approved Art-Galleries, Koenigsegg®-dealers, exclusive car dealerships. Also included are retrievable yearly token to the value of € 2.000 and one of a kind VALHALLA-Lodge-Crystal-Egg linked to your Koenigsegg® car and Avatar.

JUNIOR-MATES-Early-Adopters: your direct family-members are allowed to join for annually € 1.500 each.
Later the normal annual membership fee will be annually € 5.000 each.

Costs for VALHALLA-Avatar:
- VALHALLA -Avatar : Norse gods ranked 100-50 are incl. in membership
- VALHALLA -Gold-Avatar Early-Adopters: ranked 49-20 extra annual free of € 2.000 (later € 5.000)
- VALHALLA -Platium-Avatar Early-Adopters: ranked 1-19 (f.e. Thor, Baldr, Feyer) extra annual free of € 5.000 (later € 15.000)

Only a full paid VALHALLA-Member can purchase an Avatar ! JUNIOR-MATES will have the opportunity to set up a special regular avatar by our art-department!

(ODIN and FRIGG are reserved for Christian & Halldora von Koenigsegg, LOKI & FENRIS are reserved for founder)


Mythology of Valhalla

VALHALLA is the place for the Norse gods and the place where the warriors go to, when they died in war. It is located in Asgard. Valhalla is a magnificent place with a hall with 540 gates and a roof made out of shields held up by spears.

Early Adopters Deals

As an Early-Adopter you'll become a kind of founding member of the Ownersegg® platform. Your early membership will grant you access to the first stage of Ownersegg® and its exclusive content. You'll be the first to receive updates as we implement our vision.

Valhalla Member
25.000 / year
€ 10.000
Junior Mate
5.000 / year
€ 1.500
Nordic Gods
Included with membership

Benefit in time with:

- design you own Ownersegg® Avatar
- use your Avatar related email address
- sell or trade your Avatar
- direct share the latest info about your own car
- connection throughout Ownersegg®-app
- chance to acquire special passes for exhibitions, events and tours
- experience the Ownersegg®-3D-World
- race your own scanned car against other members on selected racetrack via 2D or 3D
- join the Ownersegg®-Owners-Tour live in 2D or 3D while sitting at home
- recieve one 3-D set for free
- using digital currency "KOENS"
- open a digital vault to protect your digital NFTs
- communication with luxury car dealer

If you choose to be an Early-Adopter, please mark this in the application form !
For any further question please feel free to contact us: valhalla@ownersegg.com


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The Early-Adopters-Period can end without any further notice.
Junior Mates can apply only as extraordinary members with no voting rights.
In case a VALHALLA-Lodge-member doesn’t have a Koenigsegg®-car anymore, the membership in VALHALLA will automatically end by the membership year. The member can than ask for a direct transition into a new LIFTTIME-MIDGARD-Lodge-Membership under the conditions of the MIDGARD-Lodge.
All VALHALLA-Lodge Avatars (Norse Gods) are strictly connected to the Koenigsegg®-car-VIN! There is no claim to a specific god. They are only valid for the time, membership fees are paid, the car is proven in the position of the member and should be transferred/sold to the eventual new owner to be negotiated between the seller and buyer - in case they don’t agree, Ownersegg® has the right to present solution in a fair matter, in case new owner does not want to continue, the account and avatar does automatically return to Ownersegg® for free und unlimited further usage for Ownersegg® as shown in our terms and condition. A Former member has no further rights to request any claim or damage-payments for any kind

All /figures/calculations are not binding and can change without notice! Prices are in € and +VAT/TAX/GST/MwST. - if applicable.


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