Step into the world of Ownersegg®, a Metaverse for connoisseurs and admirers of the world’s ultimate performance mega car



Ownersegg e.V. is a German based registered club, founded in spring 2022 by the worldwide ever first Koenigsegg® paying customer: Mr. Stephan Reeckmann

During the COVID 19 shut down Mr. Reeckmann had the idea to this club as he figured out... due to the global pandemic, all owners of Koenigsegg® cars like himself as well as car dealers and fans of Koenigsegg® cars experienced greater challenges attending at owners events and physical meet ups, such as Geneva International Motor Show, Monterey Car Week or Goodwood Festival of Speed.
"so why not meet in a new digital metaverse"

To solve this problem and as still being proud owner of his Koenigsegg®, he then founded in early 2022 a German based car club - the Grand-Lodge - named Ownersegg
®, to become one of the most exclusive social media platform for Koenigsegg®s mega cars all around the world in time.

Since then and together with his co-founding art director and good friend Sankar Nadeson, they are working to get this lodge out on the roads.


Combine luxury, technic and social media and create a worldwide GRAND LODGE Ownersegg® for & with Koenigsegg® car owner and fans/enthusiast.

Create 3 sub-divisions/lodges -LOKI / MIDGARD / VALHALLA - based on the Medieval Guilds of Europe to keep their individual membership and exclusivity for each individual purpose.

To represent Koenigsegg® roots in Sweden the Ownersegg® GRAND LODGE and its sub-lodges are surrounded in a Norse-Mythology-Theme.

Ownersegg® shall become a technologically elite community that enriches and manifests the fortune of Koenigsegg® car ownership.

In time, it shall manifests through a collective virtual shared space (VR) a new Metaverse to celebrate Koenigsegg®’s technical achievement.

Lodge of Loki

You are a Koenigsegg®-Fan or Enthusiast ?

As being a worldwide Koenigsegg®-fan or -enthusiast you will have the chance to join the LOKI lodge as an extraordinary member. LOKI-Members can enjoy and share their passions with others with detailed information on  exhibitions and so on. In time, it will also be possible to experience our world in 3D and buy exclusive items in our shop... made for Ownersegg® only.

Luxury Car Dealer ?

While being a luxury car-dealer you also do have the chance to join the ride and become the LOKI-Car-Dealer-Member - and by request, get into contact with the MIDGARD / VALHALLA-members (if approved by them).

Approved Art-Gallery / Artist ?
While being an approved Art-Gallery or a known Artist you also do have the chance to join the ride and become the LOKI-ART-Member to enter selected areas inside our Metaverse.

If you are interested and want more informations, please  contact us via eMail loki@ownersegg.com or select:

Lodge of Midgard

Owner Members only
You are a Koenigsegg®- car owner ?

This lodge is ONLY accessible for former, existing or coming Koenigsegg® car owners.

The Lodge

With a MIDGARD-Membership  you will in time have in addition special and exclusive access to our member communications area, our Boutique-Shop, the Art-Gallery and share your passion for your Koenigsegg®- car with others.

You can choose from our limited avaTOWNS ...history proven townships out of the Scandinavian region.

If you are interested and want more informations, please contact us via eMail
midgard@ownersegg.com or select:

Lodge of Valhalla

VIP owner members only
You want to become a VIP Ownersegg®-lodge-member?

This most privileged lodge can be accessed by a limited number of 100 existing Koenigsegg® car owners by approved invitations/applications only. You will then have the honour for unlimited access to the unique Ownersegg® community.

Be a chosen one, you will be awarded with 1 of 100 strictly limited Norse god Avatars.


VALHALLA is the place for Norse gods and the place where the warriors go, when they died in war. Its a magnificent place with a hall with 540 gates and a roof made out of shields held up by spears, located in Asgard.

If you are interested and want more information, please contact us via email valhalla@ownersegg.com or select:
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