our vision into the

In the long term view we see further extensions for our METAVERSE

Ownersegg® goes 3-D:
The webpage itself is made for everyone's entry and presentation by a 360-degree self-guided video tour available on tablet, desktops & phone devices. But to be “inside”, you can enter in 3D by using e.g. your Oculus Quest® / Quest 2®... then you will have the full experience of the Ownersegg®-realms incl. cars, the gallery and the personal pieces of art, which can be shown in the immersive environments also.

In the long term view we see a 2 & 3-D race-platform, where you can drive a Koenigsegg®-car on all worldwide racetracks. While being a MIDGARD-or VALHALLA-member, you eventually can even race your own 3-D scanned car.

The idea is... working together with Koenigsegg® and/or SONY® (PlayStation®) for launching a special Ownersegg® Race-World-Championship.

Another big thing will be our own art-gallery... open for all personal luxury collections, linked to the member Koenigsegg® cars only.

All MIDGARD & VAHALLA members can commission their own unique pieces of art by using their AvaTOWNS/Avatars, guided and designed by our worldwide respected art director.

Such private collections can then be validated by our potential partners like: Bonhams®, Sotheby's®, Christies®, Deutscher and Hackett® to secure and set a reliable value.

In addition and inside this gallery we provide a digital vault, to keep digital art safe. Therefore Ownersegg® helps the owners to gain their art collection value, and if wanted, tradable – e.g. in our BOUTIQUE-SHOP.

Our dream will be ... the Lodge owns its own Koenisgegg®- Mega Car.
Then LGM, LPM, MIDGARD & VALHALLA members eventually could have the chance to drive this beast on a German autobahn or racetracks by more than 400km/h* to experience something different.
Regarding your membership-level you could be teached by our drive-instructor how to drive such mega car prior you take it out for your own driving or purchase
Co-pilot-driving on a German autobahn or racetrack * (if streets, traffic, law and/or whether conditions allows it).

In addition one party of 2 persons would have the right to drive the annual owners-tour in a rolling status.

The lodge would also try to get the VALHALLA as well as the MIDGARD members into the position to participate in other extra ordinary driving experience, such like Rally Germania or become a visitor at the Goodwood Festival of Speed or Monterey Car Week & Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance with an internal Koenigsegg® event with other owners only. And so on... (extra fees/costs may apply)

The idea is... creating our own digital currency, called: KOENS

In combination with a bonus system like PAYBACK® or Miles & More® all sales and transaction can be done via our own blockchain technology to provide the security, our member deserves.

Ownersegg®- Crystal Eggs

we want to design and manufacture real crystal Owner-Eggs.
As templates we see the world wide known Fabergè® eggs. MIDGARD and VALHALLA members can get individual one of its kinds luxury crystal egg - fitted with the best material by the finest jewellery-manufacture today available. And if they agreed, those eggs will be available in the Boutiques shop as rescaled limited editions for sale.

and the ultimate would be


we want to build our Ownersegg®- lodge house.
Thru our founder Mr. Reeckmann the lodge do have the eventual opportunity to purchase and/or construct 1 of the finest hyper luxury villa inside one of the most luxuries and guarded urbanisation within southern Europe.

After its purchase or final construction within approx. 2-3 years such villa could then become the home of the lodge and welcome LGM, LPM, MIDGARD-, and VALHALLA members, selected guests and used for special events like member-meetings. While being MIDGARD or VALHALLA member, you could have a “special” position to get certain access for you and your family to spend your vacation here.

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