Code of Ethics and Conduct


The following Squadron-Rules with the Code of Ethics and Conduct are intended to support compliance with transparency, integrity and participation as principles of good governance. They provide are gulatory framework for all members (ordinary and extraordinary) organs, committees as well as voluntary and full-time employees of ours Ownersegg Association/Lodge. S.A.S. At the same time, they can serve as a model and inspiration for corresponding regulations in other associations and clubs worldwide. They are also intended to promote transparency externally in order to maintain and streng then trust in the credibility of clubs.

Principles of good governance In a rapidly changing, globalised world, clubs and associations make an indispensable contribution to democracy and the sustainable development of society. This requires responsible action based on transparency, integrity and participation as principles of good governance. The values and principles defined in the following Code of Ethics determine the conduct and interaction within Ownersegg e.V. and to outsiders. The Code of Ethics is opento volunteers, employees and all members of Ownersegg e.V. binding.

1. Tolerance, respect and dignity
Tolerance and appreciation are the basis for a trusting cooperation. Mutual respect as well as the protection of personal dignity and personal rights ensure a fair, partnership-based cooperation and ensure unity in diversity. Discrimination and disadvantage of people with regard to ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, age, gender, sexual identity, membership of aparticular group or disability is prohibited. Gender equality is promoted at all levels. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. The Ownersegg e.V. condemns all violence, whether physical, mental or sexual.

2. Sustainability and responsibility for the future
The Ownersegg e.V. In the interest of securing the future of future generations, it commits itself to a sustainable association policy that strikes an appropriate balance between respect for the environment, economic requirements and social aspects.

3. Zero tolerance attitude
Compliance with rules and fair play are essential elements in our club and vis-à-vis thirdparties. Applicable laws as well as internal and external guidelines and rules must be fully complied with. Against violations of the law - in particular fraud, manipulation, child endangerment and sexualized violence - the Ownersegg e.V. a zero-tolerance attitude.

4. Transparency Ethic Codes
All for the Ownersegg e.V. and its tasks, relevant decision-making processes as well as the underlying facts are treated with the greatest possible transparency and care. These relate inparticular to all financial and personnel decisions. Confidentiality and data protection regulations are observed in accordance with our internal guidelines. The Good Governance Standards are published with all eventual annexes that are easy to find here: download-page

5. Integrity
Integrity requires objective and independent decision-making. If personal, in particular´economic interests in the case of a company representing the Ownersegg e.V. are affected ("conflict of interest"), these must be disclosed to the association's management. Invitations, gifts and other material or non-material benefits may only be accepted or granted within the specified framework in a transparent manner and with the consent of the association's management. The advocacy group for the Ownersegg e.V. shall be carried out in a transparent and accountable manner.

6. Participation
Democratic membership rights according to our statutes guarantee the participation of all members in a pluralistic association.

7. Netiquettes
In order to ensure fair and orderly dealings in the area of at least social media platforms, our netiquettes for the use of internet applies, which must be fully complied with. As we do use individual Netiquettes for each purpose, please see:
- Netiquette for public chat forums
- Netiquette for telephoning on the computer
- Netiquette in email
- Netiquette in information services
- Netiquette in mailing lists
- Netiquette in netnews articles

We kinds all ask you, to comply and behave accordingly

the board of directors
Ownersegg e.V.
January 12, 20

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